Artists’ Books

Tunnel Book -'Big floes, little floes'

This one is a tunnel book based on Antarctic wildlife. I like the theatricality of tunnel books – it is like looking at a stage set, a small three-dimensional world within a book.

These photos show the finished book from the front and side, then the three layers with seals, penguins, whales and birds, with the following ditty written on interleaving icebergs:

Big floes have little floes all around about ‘em
And all the yellow diatoms couldn’t do without ‘em
Forty million shrimplets feed upon the latter
And they make the penguins and the seals and the whales
Much fatter.
Thomas Griffith Taylor, geologist on the ‘Terra Nova’ – Scott’s 1910 British Antarctic Expedition

Blizzard Book - Poem ‘Toad’ by Norman MacCaig

This is a Blizzard book. I believe that it is called this because it was created by artist Hedi Kyle who supposedly came up with it when she was stuck indoors one day due to a blizzard outside!

It is made by folding one sheet of paper.

I used a poem by the Scottish poet Norman MacCaig who wrote a lot of poetry based on observations of the natural world. I marbled the paper and printed the images onto it.

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