Annie Broadley

After graduating from the University of Stirling I worked for many years as a theatre electrician designing lighting and sound for productions.

I then studied art at Blackheath Conservatoire and the City Lit in London before joining the Painting Course taught by Paul Martin at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh.

I have exhibited in London, the Scottish Borders, McTears in Glasgow and in galleries in Edinburgh which include the Doubtfire Gallery, Leith Gallery, the Torrance Gallery and also at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre where I have my studio.

I work a lot from sketch books and what interests me usually belongs to the natural world. Nature itself has the power to stop us in our tracks – in places like Antarctica the beauty and grandeur found there can be quite overwhelming. But we can also be filled by a sense of wonder when we take time to examine very small things too. Having a look at the structure of organisms and seeing how they have evolved to fit their environment is endlessly fascinating.  What it all comes down to of course is survival.
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A Painting's Progress

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